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Best Approach for Test Plans


Like a lot of places, our group has a mix of manual testers and automation. For each major release we create a regression test plan and add all test suites to the plan.

The problem is that some teams have automation and some have manual so updating the results for this regression test plan is not possible to do with automation and I get a lot of grumbles from automators having to update their results manually.

Does anyone have this same issue? I’d like to be able to create this test plan then the automated tests know to update the results for that test plan I created but I don’t think it’s possible.


TestRail has an API you can use.

Check out this thread: How do you integrate Automation with TestRail Test Runs

Or search for ones like it.


Hi Konnor,

Yes, I would also recommend looking into using TestRail’s API for this. You can even add the test plan & runs via the API, then add the automated tests & results and go through the manual tests later. It can also make sense to create a test plan with different runs for automated and manual runs and you can use different case selections (automated vs. manual).