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Before I purchase, some question


Windows 7 64, Delphi 2007

I currently use Eurekalog for debugging.
Eurekalog automatically send the reports to mantis.

Can SmartInspect do something similar?
If not, can smartinspect generate the log on the users’s pc, he send it by email to me, and I can inspect it via a viewer or such to find problems?



Thanks for your posting. The recommended way to do such things is to combine Eurekalog’s error reporting with SmartInspect logging features. We have an step-by-step article on our website which explains how to use both tools in combination:

You basically attach a SmartInspect log to an Eurekalog email error report and can then load this log file into the SmartInspect Console.

Hope this helps, just let me know in case you have any further questions.



Great, thank you for your help.

But when I want to use it to analyze the program flow, to optimize code, then there will be no exception or Eurekalog, can I still generate a log file on the user’s PC and can analyze it on my PC?


Yes, absolutely. You can use SmartInspect to generate log files without any exceptions/other events. You can either ask your customer to send the log files in case there are any issues or you can add a small routine to your application to send the files if needed.

Let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.



Thank you, Tobias,

all questions have been answered.
I will do the order still today.



Great, if there’s anything else, just let me know.



I purchased it hours ago, via paypal, but as of now, its “unclaimed” in paypal. How long will it take until I get it?


Hello Guenter,

I just accepted the payment and fulfilled the order.

Thanks again,