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Basic JIRA integration not working on new project


Previously i’ve been able to setup 2 TR project integrations to the corresponding 2 JIRA projects without issue.
Now the same configuration (updated to reflect the new JIRA URLs) does not work and i’m unable to find the reason. Currently I’m just trying to get the ‘reference’ view working between TR and JIRA.

I’ve gone so far as to have both project configurations in separate browser windows to compare each field and they are essentially the same.

i have noticed the the ‘Testrail’ menu at the top of the JIRA dashboard is not shown when i view this newly setup project in JIRA.

probably something simple but i can’t work out what. I’m using JIRA userid and password variables so i assume that any user who can view the JIRA project should be able to view the TR integration on the tickets.


This is solved. The JIRA integration was being applied selectively to projects on the JIRA side


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting and good to hear that it’s working already! We recommend using the global integration on Administration > Integration unless you want to use different setting per project. The global integration automatically applies to all projects (current and new) unless overridden by the project integration settings (Administration > Projects > edit a project > Integration).