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Baselines with multiple test suites


We are still defining the structure of our projects, but we do need (want) to use multiple test suites to manage our test cases.
We do also need to allow for branches, and I believe that baselines are the way to do they. From all I have read they should be perfectly suitable in our case.
Problem seems to be that you cannot have baselines and multiple test suites in the same project - is that so?
Is there some other mechanism by which we can have multiple test suites and support branches, without resorting to new projects for each branch?



Hello Simon,

Thanks for your reply! It wouldn’t be possible to combine both the multiple suites and baselines project modes together, and we wouldn’t recommend this as starting new test runs, reporting, and navigating through your repository would be very difficult with this setup. The baselines project mode would already include the ability to create separate suites (branches/baselines) of the master suite, and this would be recommended if you need to test multiple versions in parallel for an extended time. So we would just recommend using sections and subsections to organize your test cases from within your baselines instead of separate suites. Hope this helps!



Want to bring this topic back up. We’ve come upon a situation where we want to version a subset of our test cases for a project, but not the whole suite. The suite is quite large and the part we need to version is at most 5% of the total, so it doesn’t really make sense to version the whole suite.