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Backup testrail configuration


I have installed testrail on a VM and I’d like to move it to another system for long term use. Is there a guide of how to move from one box to another using testrail?



We don’t have an article about moving a TestRail installation at the moment, but we plan to add one to the Admin Manual soon. There is a guide on how to Backup/Restore an installation though, which is somewhat related:

To move a TestRail installation from one machine to another, you would usually need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a database backup of your existing installation (MySQL has mysqldump for this (or phpMyAdmin), SQL Server has a backup functionality in the SQL Manager tool).

  2. Create a new empty TestRail installation on the new server by going through the TestRail setup. This makes sure that the logging directory and database connection is set up correctly. Please use the same version for this installation as you used for your existing installation.

  3. Now, either do one of the following:
    a) Delete all tables in the database that you used to install TestRail in step 2 and restore your database backup from step 1 into this database.


b) Create a new empty database on the new machine, restore your backup into this database and change the DB_DATABASE entry in the config.php file.

  1. You should be able to access your new TestRail installation with your existing data now. To also move the attachments/files you have uploaded within TestRail, just copy the files to a new directory on the server and configure this path under Administration > Site Settings. Make sure this path is writable by the web server.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions or any problems with one of the steps I mentioned above, either post the question here or email us.