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Backup TestRail - Cloud Version



Could I please know how to take backup of TestRail cloud account.

We are looking to have a backup on our local server as well while using Test Rail cloud.



Hello Junaid,

Thanks for your posting. For TestRail Cloud, we take automated daily backups for each instance and also help with restoring backups (e.g. in case of accidental deletes). You can download additional backups yourself under Administration > Subscription and we recommend doing this from to time to addition to the automated backups we take.

For TestRail Server, we recommend using the backup tools of your database (e.g. mysqldump or SQL Server Management Studio) as well as file backups for the reports and attachments. The documentation for taking backups can be found here:

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for you help.
We are just in middle of migrating from cloud to self hosted server.

Could you help us please, where we can download TestRail installation archive from?

Also how we can check our license is allow to use TestRail on self hosted server?



Hello Krisz,

Thanks for the additional details. TestRail Server requires a separate license and this would be independent of your TestRail Cloud subscription. Can you please contact us via email at It’s worth mentioning that we usually recommend using TestRail Cloud if you don’t have any specific requirements (e.g. integrating with a local active directory or local issue tracker) but happy to discuss this further.