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Backup strategy


We are just starting using cloud TestRail but if we continue live with it we need to have Backup procedure implemented.
What can you suggest here? Do you already have daily backups and can restore any of it upon request? Is there a way to download and store backups on our side?


Hello Konstantin,

Yes, we automatically take backups for TestRail Hosted/Cloud instances ( (currently at least daily) and can also restore backups as needed. Please note that this would undo/revert all changes after such a backup was taken of course. We also recommend downloading backups yourself from time to time and you can do so under Administration > Subscription.



How about for the Server? Anything in the works to give an actual DB level backup solution in place for us Server clients?


We are a server client and we backup the production db nightly via SQL just like our other backups.

Are you wanting some automated way within TR itself to backup the DB?


Yes, ideally be able to schedule and run automation on whatever interval through the system itself.


Hi there,

Thanks for the follow up questions in regards to backups. Backups for TestRail would be handled with the database tools that come packaged with the database technology you are using, be it MSSQL or MySQL. Outside of this, if you have a corporate backup strategy in place, we would recommend including TestRail in this as well.


Tobias -
For TestRail Cloud instance, will restoring backups involve additional fees? Or is this part of the license?



Hi Srau,

Thanks for your reply! Backups can be restored in case a user deletes a lot of data by mistake, but this should be the exception of course as restoring a backup would always restore all projects. We’re happy to help with restoring a backup if needed and this wouldn’t have any additional cost. Just reach out to us at and we’re always happen to discuss the best restore options depending on the situation. Hope this helps!