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Background scheduler


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has come across an intermittent issue where the background Task Scheduler ‘appears’ to be running (currently running on a windows server) but in the admin tab in TestRail, it states that it’s not installed.

However when I restart the scheduler everything seems to be happy. I have worked with the service desk team, but even they seem to be stumped. Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Currently running TestRail v4.0.3.3270 - Hopefully upgrading to 4.2 soon


Hi there,

TestRail shows that the background task is active/working under Administration > Overview if it was executed at least once recently (in the last 2 or so hours). So it doesn’t necessarily mean that the task is triggered correctly every minute. To verify this you can simply take a look at the last execution time under Administration > Overview. This should be updated every minute, otherwise the Cron task (under Linux) or Scheduled Task (under Windows) isn’t set up correctly:
I hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback. I will have a second background task created with a dummy admin account and run that for a few days and see if it solves this issue.

It may well be the actual user defined for the scheduler task could be at fault.

Thanks again :smile: