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I’m looking for a logging tool that will be used in an application that will be deployed to Azure. From the documentation, it doesn’t look like SI supports Azure out of the box. However, it does look like I would be able to create a protocol that would send the output to Azure Storage instead of a file. Is that correct?

Has anyone used SI with Azure before?




Hello Mike,

Thanks for your message. We don’t currently have a built-in way to store SmartInspect log entries in Azure Store. But as you mentioned, you can easily write your own log protocols. The following article explains how to write a custom protocol for SmartInspect (this also works with the trial version, by the way):

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about this. Depending on your needs, the SmartInspect memory protocol might also be useful for you. The memory protocol allows you to store logging data in memory and then flush the data when a specific event occurs (such as an unhandled exception).