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Azure Dev Ops Integration

Hey Guys, Can anyone tell me if TestRail integrates with Azure Dev Ops? The business use Azure Dev Ops but the test tool for me is to basic so i’m looking to introduce TestRail into the business but before doing so I need to make sure they integrate :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the post! There isn’t currently a built-in plugin for Azure DevOps, however, you’d still be able to use the TestRail defect URLs to link to Azure for bug tracking and reference URLs to link your test cases to requirements. You would just need to configure the view and defect add URLs in TestRail’s integration settings.

Our Server version also allows you to create your own defect plugin for this integration if this would help your team utilize both tools.

I’ve also added your vote for an Azure plugin which will help us prioritize the development of additional plugins.


Thanks for the response Jon. How about linking Automation tests from Azure and posting the results into TestRail?

Hi Craig,

For submitting automated tests results from an automated platform, you would utilize TestRail’s API for this. We do have API bindings available in our documentation for multiple programming languages as well.

Hey Jon,

Can I submit a vote for AzureDev Ops integration? We use Azure DevOps and TestRail for our clients. Integration with bugs and failed test cases to Azure DevOps have been a huge pain point.


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