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Axosoft Intgration


We have sucessfully intregrated with Axosoft but are unable to add a new defect due to the mandatory Workflow dropdown list being unpopulated. All other dropdowns are functiuoning correctly and bring back the correct information from Axosoft.

Has there been a change in the API that has stopped this functionality from working or is there something else that I need to configure? I should add that we are using hosted versions of both Axosoft and TestRail, nothing is held locally.


Hi Darren,

Thanks for your posting! Is the Workflow field non-empty in Axsoft / OnTime? If you could send us a quick email to with your TestRail details (address), we are happy to enable debug logging for your instance and review the communication between TestRail and Axosoft to see if they changed the API or if there’s another issue.