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Avoid adding new test cases to be added to test run



I have my test plans that is running our automation daily and the result goes to our Test Runs for that test plans. While doing that we are adding more and more test cases to our test suit and cases daily based on new features. Every time I add new test cases, the new ones goes to the test run that I have already ran and shows as untested. How can I make that to not go to my old test run?

For example my test run for 5/5 is running a different version of our app then 5/6. I don’t want to have those test cases for added featured on 5/6 shows on 5/5 test cases. How can I control this?

Thank you


Hello Allie,

Thanks for your posting. You would need to start your test runs with a custom test case selection (which turns off the include-all feature which auto-adds new test cases). If you are starting your test runs with the API, you would need to set include_all option to false and specify the list of cases via case_ids:

(please see the request example)

If you are starting your test runs via the UI, simply click the Select Cases link and select the relevant test cases.