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Average Time of Test Case - Suggestion


Apologies in advance for the swarm of suggestions.

I think it would be really nice to store metrics of how long a test case took.

For this metric to be valuable, I believe when starting out a test it should force the user to start and stop the timer for the metric to be stored. Since forcing the user could be intrusive to some users of the product, I would suggest the option in Admin to toggle this on or off, or when first setting up test rail.

This metric could help gauge estimated time remaining of a test run / plan, assuming that was implemented too.

Manually inserting estimates during test case creation is all well and good, but the proof is in the pudding as they say. :slight_smile:


Hello David,

No problem at all, we appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Improvements to the time tracking is already planned. The feature is actually already designed and awaits implementation. It will probably not be included in the next update, but it’s likely that we will have this in the update after that. Let me explain what we plan to do:

Because test cases and tests are usually executed multiple times over the lifespan of a project, TestRail usually has access to a wealth of timing information if testers regularly enter time estimates and elapsed times. TestRail can use information such as estimates, historic test times and even average test times for cases of the same test suite.

Based on this data we plan to incorporate estimates, forecasts and likely also burndown charts in TestRail. The feature is designed to work even if you don’t enter estimates or elapsed times for each and every test. We expect that we will be able to generate very accurate forecasts based on this data. We hope that it won’t be needed to force users to enter times for each and every test, so we will probably not make this mandatory or add such an option initially. We will definitely consider adding such an option later though.

We are really looking forward to adding this to TestRail and I believe it would be a very unique feature. It’s one of our short-term goals so we will hopefully have this soon.

I hope this explanation clarifies our plans!



Sounds very promising. :slight_smile: