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Autosave feature



feature request if it’s not in your road map already. Please Add autosave.


I might be in the middle of entering my detailed test steps, I got pull into a meeting or distracted on another task. I might accidentally click the Back button or close my browser. The last edit should have been saved or prompt to save or disgard.



I’ve done exactly the same thing. So auto-save would be nice, for me as well :slight_smile:



I’m not sure if/how auto-saving should be implemented, as we wouldn’t want to automatically add test case while you initial edit it. Maybe we have some other ideas how to do this. However, I agree that we should add a prompt when you close the tab/window and edit a test case or other entity in TestRail. Thanks!



+1 on this feature.

While this is an older topic, an auto-save while doing a test run would be perfect. There are some test cases we have that are very long. We have tried to break them down to smaller tests, but they are still just long. Auto-save will allow use to not loose where a test is at during execution.


Thanks for your feedback, Bill!



On the original question, the currently save button, could be Save & Continue and keep on the edit mode, that way you won’t lose any data :wink: The cancel button could be Exit Edit Mode another :wink: