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Automation test


we have done in the automation test.i have some issue in automation.
Scenerio: the testrun and click the start test(for automation custom button) button.
2.The automation testcase execution running in the another machine…(testrail API service is running this machine).
for my need is, that automation testcase execution running in my machine.what can i do now.please give the details.

A is the my machine
B is the testrail api service running machine.

now the testrail -automation start test done in A machine but automation execution running in the B machine…


Hello Kader,

Thanks for your posting! Our trigger script is just an example of how a possible integration could look like. The basic idea is always the same though and involves adding a button/link to the UI which triggers your automated tests. The script in turn would usually execute your automated tests and then report the results back to TestRail via TestRail’s API. I don’t have enough knowledge about your system to recommend a way to execute the tests but executing tests on another system is also possible of course.