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Automation Test with Python script


Hi all,

I’m trying to automate my tests execution from Test Rail.
To do this, I want to start with the simplest case, so I’m trying to execute a simple python script in server-side which will call a batch file for run tests.

I have created a button with UI scripts and add these lines:

("a", button).click( function() { .ajax(
url: “”,
dataType: “json”,
type: “POST”,

But python script is not triggered in server.

Python is installed in this location and in the same path than index.php. If I execute the script manually, it works fine.

Can anyone give my some help with this issue? By the moment, I only want to execute this script on server-side.

Thank you


I have the similar question. I want to call one python script in my company server, but I don’t know how to call it and how to get the result back…
Any example will be highly appreciated.