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Automation Test script Execution

Hi guys! first of all many thanks for the past and future support! you are all a great community

Well, here is the thing, I am trying to automate the test runs triggers from Test Rail using the “Start Tests” button from the test suites created.

Already set up the UI and I don’t want to set up the Trigger.php file. Instead, I want to use a batch file to execute some code that can start the run.

Any suggestions how to do this?


Hey Muller,

Welcome to the TestRail Community !

I found a similar discussion on automation test script execution and would like you to just check it out.

Let me know if this helps !



Hey Shanu,

Thank you for your response. I read what you sent me, and it is helpful. But what I want is that I don’t want the PHP file to execute my test run. I already configure cypress to execute test runs and report results into testrail. So I want to execute some PHP file that triggers the cypress test.

Best Regards,