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Automation integration with multiple assertion

Hi there,
I’m trying to add TestRail to legacy project. My goal is integrate it with the smallest amount of refactoring. And I have an issue with next pice of code.

Our stack is: Java, TestNG, Selenium. We are using Page model for tests with multiply assertions in test method. The code looks like:

@Test( groups = {"testproject", "regression"})
public void Test_page_loaded() {

	softAssert.assertEquals(pageTestPage.getTextOfElement(), "ExpectedText", "ErrorMessage");
	softAssert.assertEquals(pageTestPage.isSomeTextVisible(), false, "ErrorMessage");
	softAssert.assertEquals(pageTestPage.selectSomething(), true, "ErrorMessage");
	softAssert.assertEquals(pageTestPage.isAnElementVisible(), true, "ErrorMessage");

Test method has multiple assertion and each assertion in fact is one test case. Can you point me to solution, how to add test_case_id in such case to send it to TestRail API?