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Automation in importing existed csv files to Test Suite


Our team create excel worksheets for test-case.
We have various workshees, each worksheets has various sheet, each sheet is a function.

Let say, I have 2 worksheets,
A: has 2 sheets

  • “A1” sheet
  • “A2” sheet
    B: has 3 sheets
  • “B1” sheet
  • “B2” sheet
  • “B3” sheet

I want to automate the import task, with an existed layout configuration file.
Expected structure as below

Test suite
-A section
—A1 sub section

—A2 sub section

-B section
—B1 sub section

—B2 sub section


Anyone has idea to do it?
(Yesterday night, it took me 2 hours manually import, so I really want to avoid it)


Hi Cao,

Thank you for the post. This is totally doable and easy to accomplish. I am attaching a link to a example CSV for you. This will give you an idea of how you can structure your data. Once you have imported this once, you can save the import configuration as well.


Hi, Marty

Thanks for your time and reply.
Maybe, my explaination is not so clear.
So, please let me clarify my desire

  1. Input
  • Various csv sheets named: sheet1, sheet2, sheet3,…,sheetN with test-cases inside
  • Configuration File
  • A TestRail Test suite with prepare skeleton:
    Test suite
  • section: sheet1
  • section: sheet2
  • section: sheetN
  1. Output
    Test suite
  • section: sheet1
  • section: sheet2
  • section: sheetN

I want to automate with 1-click operation, from input -> output.
Is it possible?