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Automatically go to the Next Test case after adding Result



In testrail 4.0 i have a customization that used to Go to the next test case after adding the Result , But its not working after the recent 5.0 upgrade,

Can any one help me to restore the previous functionality

Previously used customization as follows

name: Automatically go to next when test result is added
description: For sujatha
author: Paul Danyliuk
version: 0.1
includes: ^tests/view

(document).ready(function () { var testId =; .subscribe(‘tests.changed’, ‘qaextensions’, function (data) {

[UI Script] Mark test as passed and forward to the next

Hello Sujatha,

Thanks for your posting! This is now available as a built-in feature starting with TestRail 5.1 and the new three-pane view:

I hope this helps!