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Automatically delete outdated data in Console



Tell me please, is there any feature in SmartInspect Console, which allows systematically and automatically delete outdated data?
Our situation: we use SmartInspect Router, which passes log data from several applications directly to Console via TCP/IP. Thus, the size of log in Console becomes huge after one week of continuous usage. So, it would be great to automatically delete data which is older than 7 days for example. Is it possible? Or we can do this only manually?

Thank you!



Thanks for your posting. There is currently no auto-delete option in the SmartInspect Console. We usually recommend using log files for production systems and the live protocols (TCP/IP or named pipes) mostly for debug/develop purposes. The log file protocol has support for log file rotation and auto-delete, so it’s usually a good candidate for server systems or the SmartInspect Router that runs for a longer period.

I hope this helps and just let me know in case you have any further questions.