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Automatically compare history of test suite



during a presentation of TestRail at my company the following question came up

“Is it possible to track the history of a test suite over time ?” To see when what test cases have been added to the suite (I’m using the one big suite for all layout).

Also when e.g. a test run has been completed to be able to see later on what has changed to the test suite, which test cases have been added now compared to a previous, completed, test run etc ?

I hope you get the point - the latter is possible manually, but is it also possible automatically ?

And what about the first ?



Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. The history of a suite/case repository over time can be generated with the Cases > Activity Summary report:

This report can be used for both use cases and you can simply configure a custom time range when you create the report.

I hope this helps!



I knew there was something, but couldn’t find it right there… so thanks for that :smile:


You are welcome, Andreas :smile: