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Automatically capture test cases execution time


Hi, I have a question about elapsed time. is it manual entry field or a calculated field. if it is manual entry field do you have a possibility automatically capture test cases execution time?


If you’re viewing the test in TestRail you can click Start Progress, run your manual test, click Stop in TestRail, and the Add Result window will popup with Elapsed already filled in. You can also manually enter it if you don’t use the Start Progress option.

If you have automation that adds results to TestRail you can include the Elapsed in the API call.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post! As Don mentioned (thanks @donalaya!), you can use the built in progress timer when executing tests manually via the ‘Start Progress’ button within the UI in TestRail and this would automatically add the elapsed time for you once you’ve submit your result. You can also just enter this into the field manually as well if you didn’t start the timer. You would also be able to add this via the API using the elapsed request field of the add_result methods, and you can learn more about this and see a request example on our website here:

Data entered into the elapsed time field feeds into TestRail’s forecasting engine for help with tracking progress, and you can also learn more about this here:

Hope this helps!



@mgarcia is there a way to start the timer automatically?
For example, when i click “add results” the timer starts counting, without the tester clicking the button to start?


@mgarcia I really like @Felipe’s feature suggestion. Can it be added to what I’m sure is a long list of enhancements?