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Automated tests are not triggering properly


I have used the sample code to add a custom button to trigger an automated test. The only difference is that I have put the php page on a different server. The page works fine and will trigger the status change when visited directly, however, the button will not trigger the test. Any ideas?



Thanks for your posting! The way the trigger example works is only supported if the trigger script is on the same server as TestRail. This is a security feature and browsers wouldn’t allow/support cross-site requests via JavaScript. To still implement the trigger feature in this scenario, you would need to change the script/example slightly to call the trigger script directly instead of using JavaScript (e.g. you can change it to a simple link instead).

I hope this helps!



Could you please explain more on this and give me some sample . I have tried to follow the instructions to use sample scripts for trigger.But didn’t get success.