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Automated defect logging using test rail


Hi, Could you please confirm me whether there option to automate the defect logging part as well from test rail? I have learned that, Test rail has a feature of test execution integrated with automation tool. Adding on to that feature, please clarify whether we can automated the defect logging part as well (may be by making use of Push button in Add Test Result window). Hope my question is clear.


Hi Gurulakshana,

Thanks for your post! There isn’t an API method that would call the defect plugin’s push feature at the moment. That said, TestRail would just access any issue tracker via its API to push a defect when using the built-in defect plugin. So you can just build this type of functionality into your automation script as well when you need to add a defect. You could also then place the newly created defect ID in TestRail’s Defects field to be sure to link this properly. Hope this helps!