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Auto update Jira Issue Status from Test Run Results?



I’d be a bit surprised if there’s an easy solution for this, but our customer, who’s also using our TestRail instance (and integrating TR with Jira), wants to be able to update the Status of a Jira Issue automatically, based on Test Run Results.

Basically, if all test cases linked to a Story in Jira (via the References field) pass, they want to update that Story to Done, automatically.

I’ve figured out that you can download the Comparison for Cases report, filtered to show the References column, then open that in Excel. You could then massage the data in Excel to show you Test Run Statuses (ie passed, failed, etc) and References (ie Jira IDs). So you could figure out all Jira Stories that have all tests Passed, then perhaps do a bulk update of the JIra Issue Statuses, based on the data in Excel. But that seems to be a lot of work, and there’s maybe another issue in that Test Run Results only show results for test cases that have been put into a Test Run. Ie, test cases that aren’t in a Run, wouldn’t be included.


Hi Geoff,

Thank you for the post and detailed information on the use case you are discussing. The way you have described is one possible solution. Another possibility would be to use the TestRail API along with the JIRA API to push updates to JIRA when all of the test cases linked to a specific story pass. This would of course take some programming time on your part but definitely is one possible solution.

I would recommend taking a look at our API documentation which is located here: