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Auto-set of overall status for test-case that copied from status of separate check

Good day!

Could you clarify, how I can automatically set final status for case if at least 1 check has NOT passed status.

I noticed that System statuses for separate check change overall status of test-case, but for custom is not working. (note: This status is a final status is checked for this custom statuses)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Elena,

Thanks for the post! Currently, TestRail would automatically change a test result to ‘Failed’ the first time an individual step is changed to a Failed status. Using TestRail’s existing settings, it would not be directly possible to change this behavior or apply a specific status based on certain conditions.

That said, you can likely use a UI script for this, as a UI script would allow you to utilize JavaScript and CSS to manipulate the TestRail environment and various dialogs based on certain criteria. While we don’t have a specific example script we can provide for this, you may find other posts on our forums where users have shared a script which performs a similar task.

For example, I was able to locate the following post with a script to perform a similar task:

Hope this helps,