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Auto Rules - How they work?



We’re planning on using Auto Rules. I looked through you help document but I’m not sure how they really work. Especially from a Trigger perspective.

Assume I create the following simple Auto Rules:

  • Trigger: New Host - All messages
  • Trigger: New Application - All messages
  • Trigger: New Process Id - All messages
  • Trigger: New Thread Id - All messages

Now assume that I have a new message that comes in to the Console that meets all of these Triggers. What actually happens? Does this new message create 4 separate log views in the Console?




Yes, one for each rule. Say, for example, you have these four rules and the following messages come in:

ThreadID = 3
ProcessID = 7
AppName = 'Server’
HostName = ‘localhost’

ThreadID = 2
ProcessID = 5
AppName = 'Client’
HostName = ‘localhost’

When the first message arrives, it would automatically create four new views for the thread, process, application and host name since there are no AutoView views for these values yet.

Now, when the second message arrives, it detects that there is already a view for the host name (since both messages have the same host name) and that there are no views for the other values. The log message would appear in the existing ‘localhost’ host name view and new views would be created for the other properties (since there are no previous AutoView views that match).

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.