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Auto-numerating Test Cases



I’m just wondering is it possible that TestRail will auto-number cases in Test Suit/ Test Run? I mean ratio of case number to all cases in checklist. Could it be done by adding numerical order to case title or by adding additional column to Test & Results tab?
It’s really problematic when you add case numbers to all cases title manually and suddenly two cases from the middle needs to be erased. It would require reediting the whole checklist :stuck_out_tongue: Example below.

Sorry if this topic was raised before, but I couldn’t find anything similar :slight_smile:
Thanks, Wojtek


Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for your posting! We usually recommend giving the cases a descriptive title such as a short summary of the things to test. Using just a numeric identifier isn’t very descriptive by itself and a title usually works best.



Hi again Tobias

Yes, it’s true. We always put a short instruction in title (in the example they were just removed), but we thought that it would be good to know (while processing the checklist) at what stage are you and how many cases are left.
If it would be possible one day, that would be very useful :slight_smile:



Ah okay, makes sense :slight_smile: The progress/to-dos are also shown as part of the run statistics and this includes the number of untested/remaining tests, for example: