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Auto Generate all permutations of a test case


Hi, we have operational pathways in our applications that average 480 permutations of choices.

So basically, when using our app to do its things, there are 480 ways to customize your hamburger.

Is there any easy way to auto-generate all of the test cases into TestRail given a set up of rules and variables?



I’m pretty sure that Testrail can’t do this…

However! it should be a fairly easy to write a script that will output the permutations to a CSV in the shape of a test case which can then be imported into Testrail using the test case import.

I’d recommend automating the hell out of those cases though.


Hi Dervish,

Thanks for your post! You may also want to look into the Test Plan Configurations feature, as you may be able to minimize the number of test cases you need as a whole (as long as the test cases are similar enough), and instead use the configurations feature to built your various combinations when executing these. You can see how this works on our website here:

Hope this helps!