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Authentication problem when browsing JIRA issues from TestRail


I’m new to TestRail and am going through the process of configuring it for our environment and I’ve got a bit stuck when it comes to integration with JIRA OnDemand.

I’ve got the JIRA plugin configured to work with credential variables as per and, once I set my credentials in my settings, I am able to raise issues successfully.

I’ve also set a URL for browsing issues from TestRail as per However it’s not working when viewing issues by either (a) mousing-over the issue number link in a failed test or (b) clicking the issue number link in a failed test to open it in a separate JIRA session.

For (a) the tooltip displays a 404 error from Plugin Jira_REST saying to check the credentials and that the REST API is enabled in JIRA. Credentials are Ok because I can raise issues, and REST API is enabled.

For (b) the browser opens an unauthenticated session to

Can anyone shed any light on what the problem might be?




Thanks for your posting. Please see below for my answers:

a) A 404 error is returned by JIRA if the issue doesn’t exist or you don’t have the permissions to access it. Could you please check that the issue ID exists in JIRA?

b) If you jump directly to JIRA, then you need to be logged in to JIRA to view the issue. If you aren’t logged in, JIRA would show its usual login screen first and then redirect you to the issue. You only need to log in once in case you have cookies enabled for JIRA.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hello Martes,

To add to Tobias’ answer: For the 404 error when you hover the mouse cursor over an issue ID: this means that the issue ID doesn’t exist. Please make sure to enter the JIRA issue ID including the project key, e.g. DH-123.

I hope this helps.