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Auth Create account auth.php auto craete new userids after auth


We have the auto.php file set with define(‘AUTH_CREATE_ACCOUNT’, true); New users are not being created based on LDAP/AD authentication. We have done the extension parm in the INI file and restarted IIS. Why won’t testrail creae a new userid when it is defined in LDAP with correct email attribute? What error log can we look at?
Normal LDAP auth & password sync works but new user still does not get created with first time login.
Do we need to disable/deactivate the fallback authentication parm to false for this auto create option to work?


Hi Ken,

Thanks for your posting. Please check that your auth.php is actually used and you can verify this under Administration > Site Settings > Login. The AUTH_CREATE_ACCOUNT option is all you need to auto-create new TestRail user accounts for LDAP users (in case they don’t yet have a TestRail account).

I hope this helps!



Yes we verified the path and the LDAP sync is working since it recognizes the LDAP password. Here is a screen shot. See attached screenshot of the path. When i type in a new user in LDAP and not in Testrail i get user not found


Hi Ken!

Could you please post the exact/full error message you see?



Error in GUI Testrail : Email/Login or Password is incorrect. Please try again.

We use the same test userid and psw in other applications and it works. It is also an active AD/LDAP account not locked or suspended psw. . We verified that account on applications like GIT & OKTA and we can login with same userid & psw but not Testrail


Thanks, Ken. The LDAP or Active Directory integration expects the LDAP/AD username and not the email address (e.g. jclient32 vs. Could you try this please instead?



Error on GUI: External auth: Bind: Invalid credentials using jclient32. Some userids work with both email & samaccountname. Can we force email use only?



The LDAP/AD integration requires the username to look up the user. If you use the email address AND have the fallback option enabled, TestRail also allows logging in via email but this would use TestRail’s internal authentication system then.

I hope this helps!