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Attachments added while TC creation gets disappeared after closure of the test run

hi Team,

I came across one scenario recently, where we have added some attachments while Test Cases Creation, then we pulled those test cases in a run and executed, finally, once everything is done - we closed the Test Run.

When we went back to the test run and look for the files which we attached while test case creation is lost

Is this something by design or is this a bug?
If this is something be design, is there any way to preserve the attachments added while TC creation even after the closure of the test run


any update on this team???

even wrote an email to the customer support but no reply from this forum as well as on email
As per the User Guide:

Closing test runs

A useful and often overlooked feature of TestRail is the ability to close test runs. Closing a test run archives it and freezes all associated test case details. When you close a run, TestRail automatically copies all associated test case data to the test run and thus prevents future test case modifications from propagating to closed and archived test runs. This functionality is especially useful if you update test cases for new software versions on a regular basis.

so does this “all associated test case data” include attachments or not??


Hi Hema,

Apologies for the delayed response. As per the support logs, I can see you raised first ticket 332831 on 4th Feb and we were awaiting a response on additional details (like full-page screenshots etc).

And raised, second ticket (335355) on 18th Feb which is closed too now(assuming your query is resolved now). If your query is still not resolved, please let me know.


hi @shanu.mandot

Thanks for the reply, sorry but this issue is still open (we are still facing the problem)
can you share the details of where should I send the detailed evidence?
I will not be able to share evidence on this shared space - or please advise can we have a call and we will demo what issue we are facing

unfortunately, I have missed communication on the part that the team is awaiting a response on additional details



Hello Hema,

No worries, you can still open a new support request by sending an email to Please mention ticket numbers too (332831, 335355) for reference.

I hope this helps!