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Attachment Errors


I moved TestRail to a new server. The URL is the same, it is just now running on a better machine. The database and all the projects are there, however the attachments are having issues. When I try to click on an attachment I get an error:
The attachment does not exist or you do not have the permission to access it.

The file permissions and file/folder owners are exactly the same as the old server. I know this is not a lot of information, but any advice/troubleshooting that could be suggest would be appreciated.



Hi ptoona,

It’s difficult to know what exactly could be wrong with your attachments given the information provided. Have you tried another browser or clearing cache? Also because you have changed hosting servers be sure to clear DNS as well to ensure traffic isn’t directing to the old server.

Based on what you’ve described, if the files and database are direct copies (to retain naming) and if the new directly is properly defined in the config.php. Then all should be working. Are you able to upload new files?


It looks like the attachments weren’t in the correct location. My config.php only has a log location, along with Database Configuration. Should I have an attachment area in there?


Sorry, I was mistaken. The attachment/reports directory is listed in the Administration >> Site Settings page and value stored within the database.

Did any of my other suggestions offer any success?