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Attaching to pipe server


I have a windows service using SmartInspect to log thru SI pipe.
When I open SmartInspect console, I am not able to see any log message on the console until I restart the service.

Am I missing anything?



Hello Stefano,

please make sure to include the “reconnect” option in your connection string, so that the pipe connection automatically tries to reconnect when the connection cannot be established initially (in case the Console hasn’t been started, for example). You can further use the “reconnect.interval” option to specify the interval in which the library should initiate connection attempts:

This is actually the default connection string of the SiAuto.Si object. So in case you haven’t specified any additional options (such as the backlog, for example), you could also just use the default connection string.


Hello Tobias,

I changed my connection string from


and it works like a charm!!