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Attaching test logs to results


Is it possible to submit a log of the test run along with the test case results using the TestRail API?

I want a way of investigating a failure from TestRail.



Hello Ron,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not supported to upload attachments via the API (it’s planned to look into this) but you can simply upload the file to an external location and then include a link in the result description. Would this work for you?



Thanks for responding, Tobias. Yes, that will work, albeit less convenient.


API - how to attach file to test results

Thanks for the update, Ron. It’s planned to add API support for attachments and this would make it easier to attach files but good to hear that the workaround works for you in the meantime.



Is there any update on adding this support to the API?

If you can manually add attachments to a result, then the API should also support it.