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Attaching more than one file in one attempt


Hi, is it possible to attach more than one file to a test case or test run by selecting more than one file via the Add Attachment feature.


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not supported and you would need to open the Add Attachment dialog multiple times for this. It’s already planned to make the attachment feature more flexible and user friendly (e.g. by adding drag & drop support) and we would like to look into this for one of the next versions.



Hi again,
This is possible yet? This is a common complaint from the test team that they can’t add multiple screenshots to a test step in one go or multiple attachments when editing a test case.

Two different things i know, but i was wondering whether you have looked into this any further.




Not yet… We can hope for inclusion in v5.


Hi Mark, Brian,

Not yet supported but still planned to look into this. This is high on our todo list and we would like to improve the entire attachment feature with one of the versions after the next one. Thanks for your feedback on this, that’s really appreciated!