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Attached zip reports are not present in emailed reports


We recently set up TestRail server version in our organization. Email appears to be working, except that when sending emails that are supposed to have attached reports in a zip file (not thrilled with this solution, by the way - I agree with the multitude of threads asking for the content to be embedded in the email, or at least the ability to automatically attach PDF), the zip files are not attached when the email is received. I don’t see any errors in the logs, and recipient receives the email successfully, it just has no attachment (even though the email body indicates that an attachment should be present).

Has anyone encountered this? Any solutions?

Thank you!


Hi Danny,

Thanks for your posting. The attachments are likely removed by your email server and TestRail would always include the ZIP in the report emails. Do you have the option to whitelist TestRail’s emails? Or are you sending the notifications with the link to the report instead of the attachments?



We’re trying to send with attachments. I’m working with our IT department to try to figure out why the zips are getting filtered.

As noted in many other threads - PLEASE allow attachment of PDF as an option instead of zips!


Thanks, Danny. Please let me know in case any questions come up, happy to help. The easiest way would probably be to add your TestRail sender address ( if you are on TestRail Cloud) to a whilelist.