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Attach text or excel to expected result



Is there a way to attache an excel file or a text file (other than image) to expected result in separate steps?

How to require capture of data for a particular Test Step

Hello @Pushkarjo,

Thank you for reaching out! Currently, only images would be supported at the test step level. That said, we’d be happy to review support for other file types for a future update to TestRail. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.

I hope this helps!


Please add my vote for this request too.


+1 vote added :slight_smile:


Bump up the vote count, for I too highly desire this feature!


vote from me too!
this would be beneficial especially when we only create test matrices with x’s in it and just attach the whole Excel to the step and say Execute TC#1 from attached matrix or something like that.

Would save time writing everytime. :slight_smile:


And make the attaching action either optional or required.
This is similar to: Enforce screenshot upload in test results


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added in some additional votes for this.


Hi @Pushkarjo,

It’s a bit of a pain, but you can embed a table in the expected results section using the in-built table functionality.

It will insert something like this:

|||:Header 1|:Header 2|:Header 3|:Header 4
|| Row 1 … | | |
|| Row 2 … | | |
|| Row 3 … | | |
|| Row 4 … | | |

which you can then edit with your table data like this:
|||Day of Week|Time|Test Column Data 1|Test Column Data 2
||Monday|7pm|test data 1|test data 2
||Tuesday|7pm|test data 1|test data 2

Just a thought. It might not look good here, but when in the test case, it’ll look like a table. See attached screenshot for example of what it will look like once test case saved.