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Assigning tests to another person

When you have a large test and different users will execute different steps within it. Is there any way when assigning the test out that you can keep the status of the previous steps ?

When assigning it and say steps 1-5 are all passed the person who picks it up the status of these steps is not kept and reverts back to untested. I need it to show 1-5 as passed.


Hi @GavS ,

Thanks for the post! There’s not an easy way to split assignment like that for tests. Generally, we would recommend setting up smaller test cases with fewer steps if it is common for your users to need to divide the work within a single test case.

Beyond that, it is now possible in TestRail for users to edit the overall status and details of existing tests, which may be helpful in this scenario. In order to do that, I would recommend setting up a custom status for something like “In Progress” or similar. Then for users that would be finishing tests that are started by others, they would need to have the user permission in their role for Edit Results (added in TestRail 5.7). This would give them the ability to edit test results added by other users, and update the remaining test steps as needed, and add a final status to the test once completed. Please note, in general we don’t recommend giving out the ability to edit results to all users, as it may be abused. Also, the ability to edit the test results, regardless of which user and their permissions, is limited by the time limit for editing results that is set in Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.

I hope that helps!