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Assigning testcase from Project A to a run from Project B

During some experimenting with the API I noticed by accident that is was possible to assign a testcase from project A to a run of project B and post results in that run. This isn’t possible via the GUI. (Not that it should be.) The result is only visible in the overall statistics of the project B run, while the actual result in project A is only visible in suite\case\results. When this happens it can be fixed by editing the run in project B and reselecting the correct testcases.(removing the accidentally selected testcase from the run) This also seems to remove the testresult in project A. However, the result might not actually be deleted from the database. Would it be possible to confirm that this result is indeed removed?

Besides, I would really appreciate being able to delete testresults as an admin. By the looks of it this has been a pending request: Feature Request: Delete Test Result

Hi @B.v.d.Meij,

Thanks for the bug report! I have been able to verify this missing test case validation in the add_run and update_run API methods and created a bug report for our developers to review and address.

The associated results should not be displayed within TestRail’s UI or in any reports. The associated entry in the database may not be immediately removed while a test run/plan is open, however. This is intentional, as it allows users to restore results when test cases are accidentally removed from runs. That said, we do understand the results for cases in external projects should not be preserved and this should be addressed in a future release of TestRail.

In regards to deleting test results, this is not possible at this time. We did recently release the ability to edit existing test results, including the test status, but the ability to fully delete a result is not available at this time.