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Assigning Test Runs when using Configurations


Hi, I’m a fairly new user.

We are using Configurations to create test runs within our test plans.

This is great, only I can’t see a way to assign each test run created via configurations functionality to a tester.

I know I can open up each test run and then manually select all of the test cases to assign them, but this is a bit of a pain when I have 16 test runs with lots of different sections in each (as there is also not a ‘select’ all button on the test run details page that I can see).

Have I missed something?



Thanks for your posting. This is currently not supported when creating the test plan (only with the workaround you’ve mentioned) but it’s already on our wish list and we would like to look into it for one of the next versions.



+1 for this feature please


+1 from me too.


Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. It is planned to look into this for one of the next versions (mockups are already done).