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Assigning one test to multiple Testers


Hi Dennis…

Is this possible? I just received a request asking if a Project Lead could assign one test suite to multiple Testers (at the same time) - nearing a beta launch and some areas need to be tested by several diifferent people.

I tried assigning to multiples and it doesn’t to be a part of TestRails functionality. Could you verify?



Hello Dale,

You can start multiple test runs for the same test suite at the same time and assign those test runs to different people, so yes, this is possible. You can also use test plans to create all those test runs and assign the tests at the same time. Here’s a screenshot of how this would look like:

As you can see, I’ve added multiple test suites to the test plan and assigned the resulting runs to different users (marked yellow). I’ve also changed the names of the runs to include the names of the testers; this is not required but makes it easier to track the runs IMHO. You can create test plans on the Test Runs & Results page from the sidebar.

I hope this helps!



Hm… OK… so create multiple test suites. Got it.

Thank You :slight_smile:


Actually, multiple test runs for the same suite, so you don’t have to duplicate the suites. You can just start multiple runs for the same suite.



Crap that’s what I meant… multiple runs not suites…



Great, I just wanted to clarify it so you don’t think you need to duplicate the suites. I didn’t want to nit-pick. :slight_smile: