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Assigning defects as sub tasks in JIRA


Currently we have an option to add bug into JIRA from TestRail. But i would like to add bug as Defect(sub-task) for tasks(user -stories) . Is that possible ?



I’d like to know more about this as well as we are also looking at doing the same thing.

@gurock is there a way to integrate JIRA to allow the option of adding defects as a sub-task to a ticket rather than automatically creating a separate issue and having to link it? This would be helpful for sprint reports as well.

+1 on the vote for this functionality


I found solution for this, in push fields change parent as on
And while pushing a defect task id as Parent task.

Hope this will be helpful.



I’ll give that a bash and if I have any issues, will let you know.




Although that works allowing you to create it as a sub-task, it doesn’t allow you to create it as a defect sub task. I want to be able to create a defect and assign it to the parent for reporting purposes in Jira and TestRail. If it’s raised as a sub task it doesn’t update the defect report in TestRail which we are wanting to use more.

Hope that makes sense.

@gurock Any thoughts on integration with Jira and what fields can be used?


Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the follow up post. The suggestion that Muhsin pointed out is actually the best option in this case. When submitting a defect as a sub-task of a parent ticket, it is doing this just as it would be done in JIRA itself. Technically, the sub-task is still considered a defect in of itself.


Hi Marty,

Would this then be reflected in the defect report?