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Assigning a TestRail test case to a Redmine bug within Redmine



since Redmine is our master bug tracking tool we would like to assign a TestRail test case to a bug in Redmine. Could you provide me with a recommendation how to implement this best?

Thanks in advance and regards,


I’d like to add the following scenario: In case we use TestRails ‘Add defect’ feature which calls Redmine to insert/add a new bug, it would be great if a link to the according TestRail test case would automatically be inserted in field ‘Assigned to’ within the Redmine bug panel.


Hello Gerard,

Thanks for your posting. There are multiple integration options for TestRail and Redmine:

  • Add Defect link: this allows you to directly jump to Redmine to create a bug report. It’s not possible to add any additional default values for the Redmine form though.

  • Entering the issue ID into the Defects (for results) and References (for cases) fields to link to Redmine issues

  • Pushing and looking up issues: we actually also have a Redmine defect plugin available on request. We don’t ship this with TestRail by default as you need to fill in your project components in the script (due to some limitations in Redmine’s API, which will soon get fixed as we saw on Redmine’s website). I’m happy to send you this script though and help you get this up and running. The push feature would allow you to automatically create an issue in Redmine and the issue would also have a link back to the TestRail test.

Please email us at contact (at) regarding the Redmine defect plugin script if you would like to test it.