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Assignee change doesn't show up in To Do


I’ve noticed that when I create a test run and either leave the assignee blank or assign someone, then go in there later and change the assignee for all of the test cases to someone else, this change doesn’t appear in the To Do page when I sort by Assignee. It retains the original assignee instead. How do I fix this?

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Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your posting! Could you review this again please? If you change the assignee on the run page (e.g. via Assign All or similar), the assignee/owner of test would change and this also changes the list on the Todo page. What’s not changed is the Assignee of the actual run on the Test Runs & Results page and this would still be the original assignee (if any).



I suspect what Aaron is referring to is a similar issue I raised a few weeks ago.

The confusion seems to be that there are two places assignment can be done.

  1. On the Test run page as Tobias describes above
  2. On the edit page of a Test Plan where Test suites are added

What is nice about changing the assignment on the edit page of a Test Plan is a larger change can be affected at one time.

But the problem is this does not work. If one changes the Assigned To in either the top of an added Test Suite or on a specific Configuration of an added Test Suite it does not have an effect. One must go to each Test Run page created by the Test Plan and its configurations and do the assignments. A bit of a pain. Especially when many Configurations are used.

I know this failure is true if one is going back and edits the Test Plan. Not sure if one does it when the Test Plan is created.

In my case I almost always create all my Test Plans in a Milestone and then go do assignments as only at that time can I know the total number of test cases and what is needed to balance the testing load.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your feedback! I’m happy to explain how this works. When you change the assignee for a test run (on the plan form), TestRail only assigns tests that are currently unassigned. This is by design actually, so TestRail wouldn’t override previous assignments (you may have been done manually). When creating the test plan and selecting assignees, or when setting assignees later, this approach works as expected and TestRail would assign all tests (ignoring those that may have already been assigned manually).



If I go to the test runs page and group by assignee, the name of the user that was used in creation of the test run is listed. If I go in and edit that run, and change the assignee for all tests in that filter, the assignee on the main page does not change. If I edit the test run, the assignee field is no longer available. It seems that is only available upon creation.

What I’m trying to see is who has what right now and when the original assignee doesn’t even have those tests assigned to him or her it is misleading.


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback. We agree that this is a bit confusing currently and it’s planned to make this more flexible in the future. To see the todos for your team, you would usually use the Todo page and this gives you a precise overview of the workload and distribution across the team. You can also use the Users > Workload Summary report from the Reports tab in addition to this and this also takes into account the estimates and forecasts (not just the amount of tests).



OK, that makes sense. So I have now searched the user guide files and the GUI looking for where this is explained. Mostly to see what else I have missed. But I cannot find any info that this is how it behaves.

Can you point me to it or if not there could you add this to the documentation?


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your reply. This is not fully documented currently and the user guide/getting started documentation focuses more on the first few steps and a high-level overview rather than explaining and documenting all features. We are happy to help in case you have any additional questions or if anything is unclear.