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"Assigned to" can use that default "Responsible" in test run\plan


I did not find this suggestion on the forum, but it seems to me intuitively expected that the “Assigned To” field will be fill from the “responsible” in the test plans/run.

Was there a reason not to do this?

Hi @DamirAgliullin,

I cant answer your question, but let me give you my opinion.

Usually it was my task to create the run and I’m responsible for the execution. But it wasn’t my task to execute the tests, so I don’t want to assign them to me.

Probably optionally, but not as default.

As far as I remember there was a bulk update to assign tests, this was good enough for me.
We even used a pull principle, so I usually didn’t assign tests.

For me just a different tool usage.

Many teams have several team members execute the test cases as well.