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Assigned items view?


As I assess test software, I’m looking for a way to not only manage testing but manage testers as well. Our organization has 6-8 lanes of concurrent development (as well as dozens of projects that are currently complete but could re-emerge in the future) and no one is assigned to work in just one project. In Test Rails is there any way for me to tell:

a) How many test runs I’ve assigned to a particular person and how much time those tests are estimated to take?

b) for a tester to see a To Do list that includes assignments from ALL projects at once, instead of having to drill into every project to see what there is to be done?



Thanks for the posting. Let me answer your questions below:

a) You can change the filters in the sidebar of the Todo page to see the workload of other team members. While this doesn’t currently show you an estimate for all tests, it does show the number of tests assigned to a person. We do want to add a new user-based report to TestRail in the future to make it easier to compare and view the workload of all testers.

b) A combined view of all assigned tests across all projects is not currently available, but we show a list of projects with assigned tests as well as the number of assigned tests for each project in the sidebar of the Dashboard page. This makes it easy for testers to see the projects with assigned tests at a glance and to jump to those projects.

I hope this helps.



We have a situation very similar to jrobinson. It would be very handy to see assignments across multiple projects, so I vote for that enhancement.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve just added another vote for this request so we can consider this for a future update.