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Assign To name is not pushed to JIRA Assignee during Add Test result


From the Add Test Result popup when I push a Failed Test Result to Jira, the Assign To name is not pushed during that process? In jira the Assignee is still Unassigned


Hi Roy,

Thanks for your posting. You are correct, the Assign To field is not pushed to Jira by default. The default integration script doesn’t implement this as you don’t necessarily have the same user (or user names) in both applications. You could automatically assign the user based on TestRail’s Assign To field, or alternatively add another Assign To field to the push defect dialog, by customizing the integration script. You can learn more about customizing the defect plugin on our website here:

Let me know if you have any questions about this.



Thanks Dennis. I will look into the customizing the plugins.

  • Roy