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Assign tests via the API


Hi guys,

We have created a plan generator that automagically creates test plans based on certain attributes that apply to test cases, which is working quite well.

The way we work is that when we create a regression test plan, we split up the work based on who is the Test Owner. There may be multiple test owners in a given suite, and we have many test suites, so ideally we would like to do this via the API’s instead of the TestRail frontend.

I was wondering if you are planning on implementing / know of a way to assign test cases via the API? That would enable us to assign the test cases to the person who owns the test at the time that / after the plan is generated. The “tests” API description only seems to have get methods available.




Pretty sure you want the add_plan_entry or update_plan_entry methods under Plans. As far as I can tell assignments are at the run level and not at the test level.


Yes, I am using both of those methods to add the plans, however assigning at the test run level is not sufficient for our needs.


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. You can assign single tests via the add_result/add_result_for_case API functions (via the assignedto_id argument), e.g.:

{ “assignedto_id”: 3 } // ID of the respective user

To assign all tests of a run, you can use the assignedto_id argument for add_run/add_plan as Logan already mentioned (thank you!).

Please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Thanks Tobias!!!


You are welcome, Glenn!


Hi Tobias,

I finally got around to implementing the above per-case auto assignment via the API.

Unfortunately, aside from being quite slow (we have 3300+ tests in our test plan), everybody got spammed via the email notification system once per test assignment. In other words, TestRail sent out 3300+ emails!

I think this functionality may need to be re-looked at in light of the above.




Hello Glenn,

Thanks for the update, that’s appreciated. You can look into using the (quite new) add_results API which was specifically added for mass-adding results/test changes:

add_results also wouldn’t create and send email notifications.


Bulk-unassign tests via API

Thanks Tobias - that API works much better for our needs :cool:


Good to hear that this works for you!